Pace Requirement

2015 Griffith Parth Trail Marathon Relay
2015 Griffith Parth Trail Marathon Relay

The pace requirement for each competing relay athlete is 13:44 minutes per mile. (Approximately a 6-hour marathon.)

Why Enforce A Pace Requirement?
a) Permit Limitations
The permit allows the event to continue up until a certain time, and we have to setup, host the event and tear down within this given time frame. Having a pace requirement will allow us to work within these limitations that are dictated by permit constraints.

There is no pace requirement for 8K.

b) Safety
The safety of all competing athletes is our top priority. A pace requirement also keeps athletes accountable with themselves, ensuring that teams are ready and physically capable of completion. A pace requirement of 13:44 minutes per mile is the recommended minimum athletic level of each runner in all participating teams.

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